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Upcoming Changes to Clan Season 2

· Release Notes

We hope everyone enjoyed the first Beast Brawlers Clan Season! After reviewing the results from Season 1, we realized that maybe we had set the milestones for unlocking rewards a little too high… while some very active clans were able to reach the Tier 6 reward, most clans were struggling to reach our Tier 1 reward.

For Season 2, we will be significantly lowering the number of flags each clan will need to receive Season rewards. Below is a full breakdown of the new milestones:

In addition to the new milestones, we will be reducing the duration of each Season from 6 weeks to 4 weeks. We believe this will allow players to earn rewards at a more frequent rate, and feel less exhausted from the long Season grind.

Season 2 will start on January 26 at 10pm PST – get your clan ready for battle!

Have comments, suggestions, or looking for new clans members? Then be sure to join our official Discord channel and join the conversation with fellow Riders and the Beast Brawler team!

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