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The Biggest Beast Brawlers Update Yet!

· Release Notes

Welcome to the biggest Beast Brawlers update yet! Here’s a full breakdown of all the big changes:


  • Dark Forest: Explore the map to pick up Orbs while fighting against 3 other opponents. Collect the most Orbs in 2 minutes to win - but be careful not to get KOed!

  • Ice Cove: Team up with a friend or fellow Clan members in this 2v2 arena battle! Break the Icebergs in the center of the map to find Orbs. Work with your teammate to collect Orbs while battling against the opposing team.

  • Arena Game Modes can be unlocked by competing in more battles


  • One of our most requested features is here! Unlock unique new skins for all 9 beasts by collecting Skin Pieces from chests or discovering their Talents

  • Once a skin is unlocked, you can equip the skin on the beast’s new skin collection menu


  • Unlock new talents to craft your unique playstyle! Each Beast now has 6 tiers of new talents, with 8 new talents and 2 Talent skins.

  • Each talent requires time to learn and activate. After unlocking a talent, it will take anywhere from 15 mins to 12 hours for your Beast to learn the talent.

  • Unlocking Talents will require Experience points (XP), which are now obtained from battles: gain 5 XP for using a beast in battle, and 1 XP for each KO with that beast.


  • Form a Clan with fellow Beast Riders and compete for the top of the Leaderboards!

  • Players who create their own Clan will be designated as Clan Leader. Only a Clan Leader can manage Clan requests, change privacy settings, or disband the Clan.

  • Each Clan will have their own private chat

  • Clans will be limited of a maximum of 40 players

  • Clans will be able to compete for rewards in Clan Seasons - stay tuned for the next update!


  • Need to warm up before entering the Arena? Want to practice your Beast’s new Talents? Now you can play practice matches against our AI Brawlers!

  • Players will not win or lose Fans from Practice, and no rewards are given after matches



  • Matchmaking is now better than ever - no more getting stuck on 2/4!!

  • Fan scoring system has been improved

  • Server system has been upgraded for improved performance and security

  • Many more fixes/changes/UI improvements - how many can you spot?

We hope you enjoy the update! Let us know what you think about it on our Facebook or Twitter Page.

See you in the Arena!

The Beast Brawlers Team

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