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The 10th Beast is finally revealed!

The Beast Brawlers team takes pride in listening to our players, and we understand that players have been craving for the addition of a new Beast to the game for quite some time. Having received so many great suggestions, it has been difficult for us to decide which Beast to introduce to the Beast Brawlers roster. Today, we are finally proud to announce our long awaited 10th Beast: ManBearPig!

ManBearPig Concept Art.  Half Man, Half Bear, Half Pig.

"It is a creature which roams the earth alone. It is half man, half bear, and half pig," explains ManBearPig creator Al Gore. "Some people say that ManBearPig isn't real. Well, I'm here to tell you know, ManBearPig is very real, and he most certainly exists. I'm serial. ManBearPig doesn't care who you are or what you've done. ManBearPig simply wants to get you! I'm super-serial. "

As the game's first Super Mythic Beast, ManBearPig's active ability will allow it to charge headfirst into opponents while activating lifesteal. Unlike other Beasts, there will be no Rider on ManBearPig - the Rider IS ManBearPig.

Players can expect to see ManBearPig making its Beast Brawlers debut in a future alternate universe update.

Happy April Fools from the Beast Brawlers Team!

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