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Patch Notes (11/30)

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Clan season rewards starts this Friday (Dec 1st)!

Gather your Clan and collect Flags by getting great KO Streaks! The bigger the better!

Flag rewards for KO streaks:

  • Double KO = 1 Flag
  • Triple KO = 2 Flags
  • Ultra KO = 4 Flags
  • Unstoppable = 8 Flags
  • Godlike = 16 Flags
  • Legendary = 32 Flags!


Q: I have enough Flags to claim a reward, how can I do that?

A: You will be prompted to claim your reward shortly. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes!

Q: How many times can I receive each reward during a Season?

A: Once! Changing Clans will not reward you twice.

Q: If I change Clans, do I bring my Flags with me?

A: Nope! The Flags belong to the Clan.

Q: What happens if I join a Clan after they have already unlocked a reward?

A: You won’t receive previous rewards earned and claimed by the Clan. But stick around and work together to unlock the next rewards!

Q: How many Potions are we supposed to receive? / Which Potions do we get?

A: If a reward is Potions, you will receive that number of each Potion. E.g. If it says 20, it means 20 Potions for each of the 6 Potions. You will receive them even if you haven’t reached the Division to unlock them!

Q: Are Skin Pieces rewarded for only one Skin per reward?

A: You got it right! If the reward is multiple copies of a Skin Piece, they will be all for the same Skin. So receiving 50 pieces means that you will unlock that Skin right away! Note that if you already own that Skin, you are automatically credited with gold per Skin Piece above 50.

Feel free to send us your questions and feedback at!

Keep Brawling!

The Beast Brawlers Team

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