How do I attack?

Attack by riding within range of your opponent to automatically hit. Your attack radius is displayed immediately in front of your beast.

I’m dying in a lot during matches, why?

Sounds like you’re getting caught up in the middle of a fight. Try to escape from your opponent’s attack radius (using speed boosts always helps), and counterattack from behind!

How many players are in a match?

There are 4 riders in each match. Occasionally 3 riders will be matched up together if not enough players are queued up.

Will there be new Beasts added to the game?

Yes! In addition to balancing our current Beasts, we’ll also add new Beasts into the game after our Official Launch. Keep an eye out on our Twitter and Facebook page to see previews of upcoming Beasts and updates!

How long does it take for the crystal to respawn after it has been destroyed?

Usually the crystal respawns in 30 seconds.

How do I unlock more Beasts?

Unlock more Beasts by increasing your amount of fans. Fans are gained by finishing in either 1st or 2nd place in battles. When you get enough fans to enter the new divisions, you can start unlocking new mounts from chests.

How do I get skins?

Unlock skins by opening chests! Each Beast also has 2 unique skins which can be unlocked via Talents.

How do I get gold and gems and what are they used for?

Receive gold by playing matches, opening chests and competing in tournaments. Gold can be bought in the app’s store with gems. Receive gems by playing matches and tournaments. Gems can also be bought in the store and can be used to purchase chests, gold and potions.

How long does it take to finish a match?

All matches are completed in 2 minutes.

Why am I unable to select a Beast that was just knocked out in the match?

Beasts need time to rest after being knocked out. While one Beast recovers, you can use another one to continue brawling.

How do I get KO points?

Your Beast receives KO points by landing the final blow to KO other Beasts. You can also gain KO points by dealing damage to Beasts and objectives; the more damage you deal, the more KO points you receive.

How do I heal during a match?

You can pick up health buffs within the arena or use a Heal Potion. When in the Dark Forest arena you can heal around the crystal in the center of the arena.

What’s the difference between Battle mode, Casual mode and Practice mode?

Battle is the main PvP mode where you battle against other players in one of three arenas. Casual battle is the same as Battle, except you do not gain or lose fans at the end of the battle. Practice mode allows you to battle against AI bots instead of real players; you do not gain or lose fans, and all potions used in the battle will be reimbursed. Practice mode allows for players to try out new strategies and practice with mounts.

How do I join a clan?

You can join a clan by tapping on the speech bubble tab located on the left of the main menu. From there you can join a clan, search for a clan or create a clan.

Are there team battles?

The Ice Cove arena is a 2v2 game mode; Ice Cove is unlocked by completing 8 regular battles, and will appear randomly when you queue up for a match.

How are fan points and rank calculated?

Your fans increase or decrease based on how many points you receive in the match compared to other players, as well as the difference in fans. For example, if you had much fewer fans than your opponent before the match but placed 1st (with your opponent placing 4th) you will gain a substantial number of fans.

Why am I matching with higher or lower ranked players?

Currently, we match players with others that are within ~450 fans above or below each other, with Diamond Division being the exception). We will continue to optimize matchmaking as Beast Brawlers welcomes more and more players - you can help us by inviting your friends to the game :)

Why does it take so long to find a match?

Unfortunately at the moment we don't have enough players for faster matchmaking, but we are currently working on a solution for this. You can also help us by sharing Beast Brawlers with your friends! :)

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