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Beast Brawlers Gem Bounty Event!

Find the Devs, Hunt them down, Collect your Bounty!

From May 4th to May 17th, three infamous Developer players will be lurking around the Beast Brawlers Arena looking to create havoc - and you have been commissioned to take them down!

The rules are simple: if you spot any one of three of the below Developer players in your battles, you will need to place above them in the final match result (ie. if they finish 2nd, you'll need to finish 1st), or in the rare case that you get teamed up with a Developer player in a 2v2, win the match with the Developer player.

If you are able to successfully defeat (or win with) the Developer player, immediately take a screenshot of the results on the podium screen, and share it with our official Facebook, Twitter, or Discord channel! Once the bounty is confirmed, our Community Management team will reach out to you and collect your details for the reward. The Bounties for this event are as follows:

  • ★Jayde★ - Reward: 300 Gems, Fan Range 100-1000
  • ★Proxitus★ - Reward: 400 Gems, Fan Range 1001-2000
  • ★Unnamed★ - Reward: 500 Gems, Fan Range 2001+

Clues will be dropped at random times everyday during the Gem Bounty Event to give players clues to when and where the Developer players may appear, so be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter, or Discord channel for the latest info!

Finally, the Beast Team will have a Developer Live Stream from 3pm-5pm PST on May 11th, where all three Developer players will be playing live, giving players a chance to snipe them for bounties!! Be sure to mark down that date on your calendar for your chance to win big!

Good luck hunting down our Devs - they won't be easy to take down!


tl:dr - Find Devs in Battles, beat them or win with them, share screenshot of results on Facebook, Twitter or Discord to collect Gem rewards.

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