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I lost my account!

If you have connected your previous account to Facebook, and you log in to Facebook again by clicking the ‘Connect to Facebook’ button in game, your information will be restored!

I never connected my account to Facebook. Can you help me restore it?

You can provide us with the following information at so we can see if we can help you:


  1. Old exact player name
  2. New Player ID

Helpful information:

  1. Date the app was first started
  2. A specific mount earned and its level
  3. Approximate gold/gem amount
  4. Any other distinctive information

Can I change my name?

There is currently no way for a player to change their own name right now, although this feature may be added to the game in the near future.

Can I reset my account and start from the beginning?

There is currently no way for a player to restart or delete their account. However it is possible to start a new game on a different device.

Why am I unable to buy gems?

Make sure your device is set to allow in-app purchases, then quit and reboot your game. If you are still unable to buy gems, please contact

I purchased an item but I didn’t receive anything!

We definitely want to make sure you are credited with the item you purchased. Please forward us the email containing your receipt to so we can help you!

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